Bedroom Lofts in Bromley, Kent, London

Bedroom Loft Conversions Bromley Kent London

Bedroom Lofts in Bromley, Kent, London

At Carai Lofts, we design first-class bedroom loft spaces and offer our quality loft services to the homeowners throughout Kent. Our loft specialists have been working in the trade for a number of years, and are, therefore, fully trained and highly experienced in all aspects of bedroom loft design and conversion. This allows us to create unique bedroom loft designs, that provide the property owners with their personal bedroom loft requirements and overall specifications.

Bedroom Loft Planning

With all bedroom loft conversions, planning permission is very rarely required, however, it is essential your development meets and exceeds specified conditions, and when it comes to designing your new bedroom loft, there are various things to consider. With this, we strongly advise all homeowners to undergo their bedroom loft service with a professional team of loft specialists like ourselves at Carai Lofts, to ensure all details and considerations have been accounted for, making the process as smooth as possible.

Loft Conversion Fixture/Fittings

With all loft spaces, furnishings, fixtures and fittings are what make the bedroom aesthetical and practical, and with this, we like to go into depth with our customers regarding their furniture requirements. As loft access is often small, making it difficult to move larger furnishings into the space, we will provide you with all of the details and information you need, allowing you to select the furniture you prefer, in accordance with the required sizing, measurements and weight.

Bedroom Lofts in Bromley, Kent, London

During the design and planning process, our design team will carry out an in-depth consultation where we will discuss your desired bedroom layout, flooring, skylight windows, furniture, colour scheme, loft access and other additional fixtures and fittings. Once this stage is complete, you will be able to visualise your new loft bedroom, allowing you to change any aspects if required before the conversion work takes place.

There are safety measures that must be put in place when converting a loft area into a bedroom, including fire safety measures such as fire doors, fire, smoke and heat alarms. These measures must adhere to the strict building regulations, which our team will always work at, no matter what.

Being a well-established team, our loft specialists prioritise our quality customer service skills throughout, along with complying with all health and safety regulations for the duration of the conversion process to ensure your home and those within it are in a safe position from the moment we begin your new bedroom loft project to the moment we finish.

To discuss your new bedroom loft project today with a member of our team, give us at Carai Lofts a call on 07716209179 where we will answer any further queries you may have, provide you with our price ranges and arrange a call-out date to consult with you.

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